About Us

Say hello to the new age of digital promoting with a brand new events advertising platform for the Host for the people!

We aim to bridge the gap between the people and the Host’s!

Using the UrMotive app to bring you up to speed with our custom built Flick, Watch, Go function with a of the finger displaying the most recent upto date events in Art, Fashion, Theatre and Clubbing including Social events taking place around you whilst you walk allowing you to peak inside the events before attending. “Yes, that right you can peak inside before you go.” Allowing you to really get the Motive right and right on the first attempt or you can just be nosey and see how all the events are going down watching the UrFootage.

Your not going to have to worry about the same motives coming up, as UrMotive is updated daily with a 7-Day limit on listings so fresh new motives everyday and every week.

UrMotiveif for the true spur of the moment type ready for the perfect adventure at anytime using the perfect Motive!